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  We Appreciate Your Support  
  Rehabilitation center "Milost" as represented by employees and people, who freed themself of an addiction, their family and friends heartily thanks all those who did not remain indifferent about misfortunes of other people and took part in work and development of our center.  
  • ZAO "Trest Koksokhimmontazh" and personally Fufaev V.A.
  • OOO "Chermetgrupp" and personally Terekhov S.M.
  • Church " Dobraya Vest", Cherepovets
  • Oki Valman, Christian Churches, Sweden
  • Vologodskoye Zemlyachestvo, Moscow
  • ZAO "UM Koksokhimmontazh" and personally Afanasiev A.N.
  • ZAO "1 Koksokhimmontazh" and personally Malykhin A.P.
  • OOO "Timeks", Belozersk and personally Timokhov V.V.
  • ОАО "Energometallurgmontazh" and personally Tselimbrovskiy A.A.
  • ОАО "Teplostroy"
  • ОАО MU "Termosteps"
  • Lebedev V.L., head of Belozersk district administaration
  • "Sheksninsky zavod DSP"
  • Klimovskaya broiler poultry factory
  • Malechkinskaya poultry factory
  • Dave Ruiz Ministry, USA
  • Canadian Fund
  Support Our Work  
  We are ready to cooperate with everybody who cares about future of young man and wemen, who is caught in difficult circumstances. Please contact us if you need any additional information about support of our center.
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